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Hospitals / Medical Offices


Healthcare & Patient Privacy

At Onyx, hospital security is a passion we support. We stand ready to serve the hospital community. Because no two hospitals are alike, Onyx Protection Services tailors security solutions and continually raises industry standards by adapting best practices to unique customer and industry challenges. With Onyx managing facility security, healthcare providers can focus their time and resources on what they do best–deliver outstanding patient care.



The safety of a healthcare environment is highly dependent on stringently controlling points of entry from unauthorized access. We incorporate foot and mobile patrols and provide personnel at perimeters to ensure the protection of staff, patients and visitors. Using evidence-based risk indicators and cutting edge technology we can confidently assign the type and number of security officers your facility requires.


Unmatched familiarization

Without question, hospitals and other healthcare facilities play a vital role in the community, offering crucial and potentially life-saving services to those throughout the area. Protecting these facilities is something we all have a vested interest in; and unfortunately, they sometimes do need protecting. Our security specialists are adept at assessing the needs of your hospital or healthcare facility; we’ll quickly but thoroughly familiarize ourselves with the layout of your building and provide a security plan that’s tailored to keep your patients, employees, and physical assets secure.


One of the challenges in healthcare security services is that medical facilities tend to be difficult to totally lock down; there needs to be various points of entry for patients and providers, and larger healthcare facilities can be labyrinthine inside. It’s not uncommon for hospitals to have multiple towers. And, as noted above, there tends to be a lot of activity in hospitals: all of which makes securing them a difficult undertaking. That’s why it is beneficial to partner with Onyx, Let us take the some of that stress and allow your facility to focus on the patients.

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