Meet the Owners!


Bradley Stepter JR CEO

Serving in the military is one of the noblest ways to serve one's country. Those who enter make up less than 1 percent of the entire United States of America. Bradley had his calling right after High School, being that his family has strong ties to the US Army; His decision was made!

Enlisting into the Service with two deployments under his belt provided a platform that he used to become the CEO of Onyx Protection Services LLC based in Denver Colorado. Bradley oversees Operations, Recruiting, and Employee Management at Onyx Protection Services LLC. He is a trusted Security Professional who takes pride within the company culture and believes in equal protection for all.

By utilizing the command experience and tools he acquired while serving he expanded his knowledge base by working for the Department of Homeland Security and a few private security companies locally here in Colorado. He quickly decided that it was time to step out of the umbrella of someone else and forge his own path! Thus, Onyx was born with his Best Friend who he also served with.

With over 12 years of experience, Bradley Maintains the same level of dedication and loyalty to his customers just as he did with the Military. With the philosophy of making sure everyone can afford security, Bradley wants to break the traditional mold of Rigid Security companies. Onyx Protection Services LLC strives to be the Friendlier more approachable side of security but maintains that same level of decisive action when needed.


Jonathan Rosado  CFO

Protecting society has been an integral part of Jonathan’s life story! Along with being a veteran of the U.S Army, and retired. Jonathan brings experience from customer service to multiple avenues of security venues working primarily in the State of New York and its robust nightlife.

Jonathan built the foundations of the company by being hands-on and active with not only employee engagement but customer satisfaction. As CO-Owner and CFO of Onyx Protection Services LLC; He oversees the financial operations of Onyx Protection Services LLC. and heads the Customer Satisfaction Office.

Jonathan is a trusted professional who takes pride in his work along with the company’s culture, beliefs and is ready to serve the public.