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Onyx Protection Services LLC

Our accountability is second to none with complete 24/7 transparency, GPS date and time stamping on all incidents, and instant access to all reporting as incidents occur. These features and so many others give Onyx Protection Services LLC the service and reporting capabilities that the largest security companies in the world don’t even offer. We are excited to be working with Silvertrac Software and look forward to providing you with the unparalleled service you deserve.

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Our Mission

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To ensure the safety of the general public and our lawful clientele, we need the best people on our team. We honor America's veterans and their service to our country. We look to former military and law enforcement professionals to fill our ranks and become the first line of defense for our clients.

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Our first priority is the safety of the general public and our clientele. Lawful business owners and their employees — untrained and unarmed pose a serious risk. We minimize the risk of criminal activity and create a secure environment for our clients to experience by protecting businesses on-site and securing their assets.

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Training & Education

Staying in business means you have to remain in compliance with all relevant laws. Many clients aren’t aware of all the regulations, and they don’t realize that they put their businesses in jeopardy by assuming unnecessary liability by providing their own security services. We work side-by-side with retail establishments, Property Managers, Hospital Administrators, Religious Leaders, and many more to help them remain compliant with all pertinent laws, and show them how to protect their businesses by letting us assume the responsibility and liability for their protective services.

All Onyx Protection Services Security Specialists are required to be certified and abide with all city, state and Federal Laws applicable for each site. Holding Various badges and multiple Certifications such as CPR Qualifications, Concealed Carry, OC Spray, and much more.

*****All training is mandatory and has a Mandatory Annual Recertification *****

Together hand in hand


Building an industry from the ground up takes time and effort; building a secure, legitimate and responsible industry takes much more. We work with our clients on a personal level ensuring that establishments remain in compliance with City, State and Federal Laws. We Value our clients and treat them as family, we also pride ourselves with 100% Transparency and honesty. Communication between all interested parties is the key to establishing a healthy and responsible Business , we want to be apart of that growth and promote the safest environment possible!