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Private Events


Handling Dangerous Situations

Special event security is need specific and different every time. Each occasion our personnel are dispatched into the field, they may be at a different location, with different clients, interacting with diverse people, and in entirely unique environments. Our temporary event security solutions are flexible enough to adapt to changes in season, type of event, and clientele.


Managing Access to the Premises

Reliability, professionalism, and ability to adapt and react in a dynamic setting are a must. Our staff functions as our clients’ front line customer service personnel in addition to security, maintaining positive relationships and creating new ones. Our Comprehensive Training programs allow our Security Specialists to check identification, verify wrist banding and provide for alcohol safety, In addition to complete risk assessment services. Our clients know they can depend on us to be proactive and highly professional.


Enforcing the Rules of the Establishment

Onyx Protection Services LLC creates and executes solutions for our clients to accomplish their event specific safety and security objectives.Our commitment to customer service in creating the safest possible environment and discrete enforcement of rules and regulations has earned us the standard of excellence and long-term client relationships.


When you think of a security guard at a bar or club, you probably think of a strong, unsmiling presence standing at the door. The reality is that guards at these kinds of establishments play a vital and often unrecognized role in the bar or nightclub industry. Security guards protect business owners by enforcing rules and regulations. They protect patrons and staff by deterring threats, reacting professionally too dangerous situations as they arise, and assisting those who have been the victims of an assault or other crime. Let us tailor make a solution for you!

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