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Church security guards are oftentimes necessary. Troublesome acts can and do happen at houses of worship. But thieves and vandals do not discriminate, and if a scene looks promising, they will not hesitate to do their dirty work wherever it suits them, even if the destination is a church parking lot. Unfortunately, religious intolerance is one of the biggest threats to a congregation, and a church has to do its best to safeguard against violent threats without alienating those who choose to attend their services.


Religious establishments have long been a target for robbery, vandalism, and other threats. Unfortunately, many of the crimes that befall churches, synagogues, and mosques are violent in nature and damaging to the community. It is for this reason that places of worship require highly experienced religious security guards that balance protective services with sensitivity to the sanctified nature of the environment.


Our security specialists will practice great care and respect in visiting your religious establishment to assess the grounds, review current security strategies, and identify potential threats. Religious security guards offer different levels of defense from verbal de-escalation to physical Restraint.

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Onyx Protection Services LLC guards will serve your church, synagogue or mosque in uniform or civilian clothing, with or without arms. Our clients needs are what we start with in building our plans and as your needs change so will the plan we have in place.