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Shopping Centers


Our Approach Includes Building Strong Community Partnerships

Theft and vandalism directly impacts business, large or small, and these expenses can be the difference between a mall tenant staying in business, or not. An effective mall security program can mitigate these risks, support tenants, and create a more welcoming environment for shoppers.


Spotlight on Emerging Threats

Onyx Protection Services has the expertise and experience necessary to address the unique security challenges facing landlords and property management companies operating malls and shopping centers, and their tenants, which include:

  • Shoplifting, robberies, and burglaries
  • Emerging threats or potentially violent situations
  • Shopping cart, cardboard, and pallet theft

Protecting Your Reputation As Well As Your Business

Onyx Protection Service's comprehensive customer service and engagement training program, ensures that our officers are creating a welcoming environment for customers while protecting businesses. Onyx Protection Service’s officers are trained in the de-escalation of force, including how to take a non-violent approach using verbal skills to handle violent or potentially violent situations. Held to the highest professional standards in both appearance and approach, Onyx Protection Service’s Security Specialist's create an inviting and secure environment for customers, vendors, and associates.


Strong public and private sector partnerships are mission critical for responsible security teams. At Strong public and private sector partnerships are mission critical for responsible security teams. At Onyx, we believe that security teams operating strictly from a manual are destined to fail. We work hard to build relationships with local law enforcement and other members of the community to keep our clients safe and their properties secure. Public spaces such as malls, shopping centers, and other retail locations, considered ‘easy and desirable’ terror targets, require a highly trained security team. With continuing education and meaningful training, Onyx Protection Services’s Security Specialists are equipped to identify suspicious behavior and to mitigate the risk of security threats on your premises. Let us Show you the Diffrence!

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